Deborah Nelms



Deborah is an adventurous and authentic empath with a love for travel, holistic health, natural beauty and people. She was born in Japan, where her father was stationed in the military, but spent most of her life in North and South Carolina. Since 2002, she’s worked in the spa industry and later found her niche in holistic skincare and opened Esthétique in 2012.

Known in the Carolinas as a leading pioneer in holistic health, Deb’s intent is to help her clients feel beautiful from the inside out by way of natural skincare treatments, clean, conscious products, and an inclusive environment. Though she’s not currently practicing massage or bodywork, she continues to maintain her licenses and uses energy healing in her daily work, putting purposeful intention into all of her beauty and wellness services. Deb is also a master sugarist, with a certification in advanced body sugaring.

Aside from her love for beauty and skincare, her interests include yoga, meditation, herbalism and aromatherapy studies, astrology and anything of the esoteric and metaphysical nature. She’s also the proud parent of a long-coat German Shepherd named Bodhi.

Above all, Deb is a committed seeker of alternative and natural remedies not only for herself, but also for her clients. Her personal philosophy is that everything is energy. She believes in a global and universal consciousness and through her work, strives to raise one and all vibrations.