Hair Removal


Hair Removal

About Waxing

Waxing removes hair from the follicle by applying warm wax to the skin, pulling the hair from the root. We use a uniquely formulated wax that’s filler-free, cruelty-free and crafted with natural resins, beeswax and soothing aromatherapy. The result is smooth, silky skin.

About Sugaring

Sugaring is all-natural, ancient form of hair removal with roots dating back to 1900 B.C. Sugaring paste, which is the consistency of honey, is made with three ingredients: sugar, water and lemon. It’s molded into a ball and applied by an esthetician to remove unwanted hair from the follicle. Sugar also acts as a natural exfoliant by removing dead skin. Sugaring is considered a less invasive form of hair removal, but still yields the same results as waxing.

Pre- and Post-Care for Hair Removal:
  • To prepare for your service, please exfoliate the treatment area several days before your appointment. Methods preferred include a natural dry brush or exfoliating glove. Avoid exfoliating the day before or the day of treatment.
  • Ensure hair is at least a quarter to half inch long for effective removal.
  • Discomfort may vary from person to person during their cycle. Though it’s acceptable to visit anytime, do keep in mind our 24-hour cancellation policy.
  • Avoid all Keratolytic drugs, prescriptions such as retinols/retinoids, Accutane and steroids as well as over-the-counter allergy medications such as decongestants.
  • Avoid touching freshly sugared or waxed area with hands.
  • Don’t exfoliate the sugared/waxed area the day after your treatment but do exfoliate and hydrate in the days following. We recommend using products that are all-natural, including pure aloe gel (no other additives or preservatives), coconut oil and shea butter.
  • Avoid sun exposure for a minimum of 24 to 48 hours as freshly waxed or sugared skin is more sensitive to UV rays.
  • Avoid loofahs as they can breed bacteria. A good alternative is exfoliation with a natural bristle body brush.
  • Be mindful to moisturize consistently to keep hair follicles hydrated and to avoid ingrown hairs.
  • Avoid touching the area. If skin becomes irritated, we offer products to safely soothe the area affected.
  • Limit activities that can create repetitive friction and cause excess sweat – such as running, cycling, or hot yoga – for a minimum of 24 to 48 hours.
Hair Removal FAQs

Yes. However, if you are concerned that an increase in hormonal activity will make you more sensitive, avoid waxing or sugaring three days before and after your cycle.

Absolutely. We are intentional about tailoring services to all of our clients based on their unique circumstances.

We recommend avoiding sun exposure for 48 hours prior to and after waxing or sugaring.

When waxing and sugaring treatments are used consistently, hair growth is slower and finer. Shaving removes the hair off at the skin, while the quantity and thickness of the hair remains the same. Shaving can also increase skin sensitivity and create a higher probability for ingrown hairs.

Electrolysis and laser hair removal aren’t effective for everyone and can be costly. For optimal results, hair removal is recommended every three to four weeks. The growth stage takes between 21 to 28 days, in which it’s considered active and still connected to its blood supply. Removing hair during this time by waxing or sugaring can shock the hair from growing back, leading to more permanent results.

Pain tolerance varies by person by you can expect a short, stinging sensation during the process. If you are concerned about sensitivity, taking ibuprofen or aspirin at least an hour before your appointment can help to minimize discomfort (consult with your physician before taking medications). Consistent hair removal treatments result in finer and less hair, making future treatments less painful.

No. Waxing and sugaring actually have the opposite effect. When hair is removed at the root, it grows in finer and softer over time.

Ensure the spa you visit has skincare specialists who are licensed and experienced and that the environment is professional and sanitary.

Bikini – for the “Modest”…hair will be removed that extends outside of the panty line or crease of thigh

French Bikini – for the “Adventuresome”…a thin strip of hair will be left down the middle of the bikini area. This does not include the back. 

Full Brazilian – for the “Wild”…all hair removed including backside (some prefer leaving a small patch in front)

Because everyone’s hair type is different, time in between removal treatments will vary. We’ll happily recommend a rebooking schedule based on your needs.