Product Beliefs and Philosophies

Esthétique /es.te.tik/ (a philosophical theory as to what defines beauty.)

Our Studio

Tucked in a historic home in the charming Dilworth neighborhood, our space offers the coziness of a living room with a touch of luxury. As soon as you soak into a chair in a peaceful waiting area, your energy is bound to shift. Our zen treatment rooms offer privacy and comfort for a laid-back yet luxe experience. Treatments are completely personalized — our intention is to make each client feel at ease and at home.

Our Philosophies

We start with compassion and connection.

We don’t just dole out beauty treatments — we listen intently to create real solutions and foster meaningful relationships with all of our clients.

We value people over products.

If we won’t use it ourselves, it won’t be used on you. You needn’t worry about no-good ingredients — we keep a close eye on every label and only use clean, conscious brands.

We’re results-oriented.

We use holistic and effective practices. Our natural approach ensures long-lasting results, not shortsighted fixes.


We’re a resource for healing.

We care about each client’s well-being. If it’s not in our wheelhouse, we’ll guide you in the right direction—whether that’s an acupuncturist, naturopath or other healer. 

Our Team

We believe in beauty and well-being for all. Our staff live and breathes holistic skincare and sees the whole picture, both inner and outer beauty. At Esthétique, we offer more than skincare treatments — we foster meaningful connections and create genuine client relationships.

Meet Our Team